5 Things You Can Buy for Less than $15 to Help You Relax

If you are a fan of bohemian.on.rye, you know I love lists of 5 things. 5 things that one can do, 5 things that are awesome, 5 things I learned from some book/movie/etc. So this is my debut “5 things” post for all you lovelies.

1. Kinetic Sand

It’s not just for kids. The soft texture of this substance is extremely soothing to play with. I keep some on hand for when I am feeling especially anxious.

2. Bath bombs from Lush

Sex Bomb

So this one can be a bit of a slippery slope, because once you try pretty much anything from Lush, you’re going to be hooked. These extremely fragrant, fun balls will make your bath not only smell and feel great, but they look awesome.

3. Try Next Issue


I recently discovered this service, and I am hooked. Because I love buying magazines, but once I read them, I tend to keep giant stacks. For $10 a month, you can peruse a sizable catalog of monthly magazines and download new ones as they come out. Now when I’m feeling a bit too frazzled to get into a book, I’ll find a new magazine and flip through it on my tablet or smart phone.

4. A skein of yarn and some knitting needles

I learned how to knit on Saturday, and I can’t stop. It’s such a mindless activity that can give me a place to focus unwanted energy.

5. A video game on Steam

I love video games. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I know what I like, and when I’m in a tense state of mind, nothing helps me blow off steam (har har) more than a few puzzle games. One of the great things about Steam is there is something for everyone (Sonic? Dragon’s Lair? Super Meatboy?) and there are frequent sales. You can pick up great games for pennies on the dollar at the right times.

What splurges do you allow yourself when you need to chill?

5 Things to Be Excited About This Year

1. Felting. I started doing this over my Christmas vacation. Of course I drew blood the first time, and like some sort of vampire hobby, I was addicted. I made a penguin and an orca the first few days. Next: pigs and alpacas.

2. Alton Brown in February!

3. My Google Glass is being upgraded. I cannot wait to get my new model in the mail.

4. More writing. See, by updating, I’m off to a good start. Also, other generally creative things (see #1), including photography, scrapbooking, digital art…the year is only beginning.

5. Video games. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten really engrossed in gaming, but I got a 3DS over the holidays and have been enjoying the Regular Show and Zelda games. Also, on the computer, I am playing the newest Tomb Raider, which is really really really fantastic.

And those are just the top 5 things on my mind! 2014 is going to be amazeballs. What are you looking forward to?