PSA #2

Challenge yourself constantly.

It is 6:15am. Usually, when my husband wakes me at 6, I get up, shuffle into the other room with my phone or my tablet, curl into the corner of my couch and – though my intentions may be good, though I may be trying to check my email and get some of those random, electronic tasks out of the way – I fall back into somewhere between a light nap and full out unconsciousness.

Today, I am sitting up at my computer, where it is not possible to doze. I am typing this. I am avoiding the living room with its tempting couch fortress of relaxation. I am rubbing my eyes. I am straightening my back.

The damn light is on, and, dear reader, it is so bright and I hate it.

I am writing.


Never stop writing. Do a little everyday.

When you’ve gone a while not doing it and then try to get going again, it’s like trying to climb when you’ve been in a straight arm hang.

Gravity is a bitch.