Coffee + Ice Cream + Pizza

[Another 3 in 5.]

She was my sweetest treat, and I didn’t know what that meant

Until she was there, every day,

And she would be the sugar in my espresso,

Her mouth would melt into mine

Like cream, promising a respite from the chill,

If I held out long enough for dessert.


Now, my teeth are rotted,

I’ve been ruined by the saccharine secrets of her tongue

And everything is grease

Leaving me feeling like I’m covered in a film

Of indecency

Pizza pie lovers and grease trap bait and switch


I’m holding out hopes that one day

She’ll think about us

Under the summer sun when we were young

And indulgent

And maybe we can just drink water

And we will dissolve across the asphalt,

Like the cotton candy considerations of our

Once cloying affair.