Wait, What Just Happened? (Plus, a Recipe!)

Holy moley, you guys! Hi! How are you? Life got super crazy there for a second, didn’t it? Suddenly, I was making Christmas gifts, then I was in Virginia, and then I was back for a few days and BAM. 2015.

Here we are.

Obviously, I have more important things to talk about – which will be forthcoming – but today, I wanted to share with you an awesome habit I’ve picked up.


Smoothies were always this strange, unattainable thing that I knew people were into but always figured just wasn’t for me. Kind of like…mornings. And pilates. The only smoothie I have ever loved was the Blimey Limey, sold at Tropical Smoothie (of which there are none in Western PA). But then, I had a moment, walking through the mall on the Sunday after Christmas (note: not the best idea — such busy, very packed). I went to Smoothie King and ordered…a smoothie with the same things in it that my beloved Blimey Limey had.

I know what you’re thinking: “You really could have done this sooner.”

And you would be right.

But I didn’t. So there.

As I sipped my smoothie, I thought to myself how great I felt and how good it tasted. I considered all the great things I could put in smoothies at home and how good those would taste. I might have also teared up a little because I was convinced “No Tropical Smoothie = no Blimey Limey ever.”

So during this past week, I have been starting out the day with my own concoction, which I am sharing with you below. And let me tell you…my productivity went up so high after taking in all these vitamins. I found myself snacking less, being more awake and just feeling overall pretty awesome. I write so much more after getting all this in my system. I’m drinking one now! Woo!



The Morning Word Count Smoothie

  • 10 whole strawberries
  • 10 chunks pineapple
  • 2 handfuls baby spinach
  • 1/8 cup lime juice
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup water

A few notes on these “measurements”: I hate making dirty dishes. My biggest aim with this has been to make as few extra dishes for my husband to wash as possible. I use frozen fruit and bagged veggies (my brand is Dole but follow your heart) and one measuring cup. You can use fresh fruit if you want, but you’ll have to add ice (which I also hate dealing with).

Put it all in the blender and mix until completely…blended. Insert smoothie into your favorite cup. Sippy sippy. Boom. Get some writing done.

5 Ways to Keep Going

I am literally squeezing this into the few minutes of free time I have. This week has been nothing but homemade Christmas presents, work, laundry, packing for my family trip next week and freelance deadlines.

So, how can you too keep going despite a to-do list as long as the Mississippi?

1. Find out what times work for you and demand them. I’m up late because I know I am most productive between 8-11. If it means I don’t have a lot of free time in the morning, I accept that.

2. Eat, stay hydrated, and sleep. Keep your health up, even when you think it would be a lot better to double-fist cheeseburgers and fries.

3. Avoid falling into the trap of thinking too much about it. And by “it” I mean all the things you need or want to do. Don’t fall into that abyss of overwhelming stress. Just do it. Ride the momentum of inertia and do, do, do.

4. Laugh a lot. And sing. And hug people. I’ve been watching reruns of Parks and Rec. It helps.

5. Stay in the moment. It’s easy to pummel yourself over what’s happening tomorrow or what you didn’t do yesterday. But instead of wasting your time on stuff you can’t control, pay attention to what’s in your hands.