August Favorites!

I know, it’s been radio silence. I went home to see my family as a big surprise, and then I got back, we had a day off, yadda yadda.

So, since we’re heading into September, a land full of crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and the calm before the storm of winter, I thought what better way to say adieu to heat and humidity like my top five favs of August.

august2014favs1. Guardians of the Galaxy: I had a feeling this movie was going to be awesome. Just how awesome, though? For this I was unprepared. Favorite lines that I didn’t see coming:

“They got my dick message!”

“Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.”

“I am not some starry-eyed waif here to succumb to your…pelvic sorcery!”

Also, the day is sort of saved by the power of dance and friendship, so there’s that.

2. Skin Drink by Lush: okay, I can hear you in the back. “Katie, nobody cares about your expensive body products.” Well, naysayers, sit down and let me give you some perspective. Two weeks ago, I did a very stupid thing: I went out to a softball game that went from 10-3 – the peak sunlight hours – without any sunscreen. Didn’t even occur to me. Now, yes, I like feeling like a marshmallow mermaid, but this one product helped me go from this:

   to this  

in 5 flipping days, y’all. So there we go.

3. Meat and Potatoes: Josh and I had super fancy brunch there. And I was feeling a little afraid because it had been hyped up so much, but it was the bomb. I would go back. Well worth the reservation.

4. PEOPLExpress: I love traveling. I also love traveling on the cheap. I really, really love traveling on the cheap, quickly, with friendly people who don’t make me want to die a thousand deaths. And if I can get all that with no layovers? Sign me up. This new, small airline has a nonstop flight that goes from Pittsburgh to southern Virginia, where my family is. It’s, like, an hour. I sat in Pittsburgh Airport longer than I did on that plane. There’s a great sense of community amongst the people you’re traveling with — the staff you see in the airport from start to finish run the whole show, there are no frills, no fancy crap, they just want you to have a fast, comfortable trip to wherever you’re going. Also, free pretzels.

5. Virginia: as I mentioned in my intro, I went home to visit my folks as a surprise over Labor Day weekend. I got to spend time with my puppies, meet my baby niece, spend a lot of time with my Mom and party with my Dad. And I bought lots of crafting stuff. It was awesome.

What were your favorite parts of August? And what are you doing in September?

Finder’s Fridays: Chris Pratt is Perfect

This week has been not really fun or awesome in the news. It’s like, every time I look, there’s something really horrible happening. And I’ve been depressed anyway, so it hasn’t helped.

Then I found this on Tumblr. Chris Pratt – true to his word from a prior interview – went to visit a children’s hospital in LA dressed like Starlord.

Guys. I am legit crying here. Not just the Internet-y ‘this is making me take on all the feels’ but like…I have tears streaming down my freaking face. So, here, go look at this on the Time site.

Chris Pratt visits the Lego Kid at LA Children's Hospital