30 by 30: Part 4

30 Things I’m Glad I Know Before I Turn 30: Part 4


16. What to do in an emergency.

I can stay surprisingly calm in these situations nowadays.

17. How to defend myself.

And not just physically. My armor is solid in every way it can be. I know who I am. Nobody can tear me down, whether it’s with words or fists.

18. How to cut myself a break.

I have spent a large part of my life acting as my worst critic, parent and stern teacher. It took a long time for me to say, “You know what, you did your best. Go take a nap already.”

19. Appropriate communication.

I used to be unable to handle confrontation. The idea of stepping up to someone and sharing my feelings in a direct manner pretty much guaranteed a panic attack. Now, after being a part of not only a day job but also a marriage, I’m pretty on top of being able to know when and how to talk about something.

20. How to handle my money.

I don’t sweat where money for something is coming from. I am comfortable with how I choose to spend my cash and I’m responsible about bills and financial commitments. I’m walking into my birthday with no credit card debt. How about them apples?

It’s Monday…I mean, Tuesday! What Am I Doing?

Watching: New Girl – I love this show. Everything about it. The weird, quirky humor. The cast. I have days when I turn it on and just watch it. And season 4 just started. So, in case you’re wondering where I am on Tuesdays, there you go.

Loving: Ricola – I have been horrendously sick since the weekend before last. I’ve been taking every medicine under the sun and the one, comforting thing that has continued to work is the soothing gel-filled Ricola lozenges. I’ve probably gone through about seven bags.

Reading: “Creative Thursday” by Marisa Anne Cummings – I have had so many creative projects recently that I’ve just felt a bit scrambled. Then, I picked up this book. It’s about committing to and managing what you are working on so you can be creative in the midst of…well, everything else.

Hearing: The Book of Mormon – My husband and I went to see this musical last week. It is right in the same vein as Avenue Q, except I got to see this one without taking two trips to New York City. I have been belting out “I believe” at random moments, thanks to this musical.

Doing: Financial Fast – Until my birthday on the 19th, I am trying to abstain from buying anything other than what I need (food, toiletries, medicine) or am buying for other people (charity, gifts). Today has been, full stop, the most difficult day of this because the new book by Lena Dunham came out and I really, really want to read it. Like whoa.

It’s Monday Tuesday. What are you doing?