Kitchen Crises (averted)

A teapot does not lament the soft roundness of its porcelain curvature
Nor does it aspire to the lofty place of honor that is the flute in the cabinet,
The glass never begrudging its harvest moon use.

A spoon does not hate its wide breadth, its unrelenting width,
And a fork never says that it is too sharp, too abrasive,
That existence would be easier as a knife.

The sniffer does not sit and consider constantly its fragile state,
Waiting for the day that it breaks in either an explosion of fragments
Or a slowly stretching crack from the inside out.

Stoneware does not cry.
The cutting board does not bleed.

And the spork does not fear oblivion.

Wait, What Just Happened? (Plus, a Recipe!)

Holy moley, you guys! Hi! How are you? Life got super crazy there for a second, didn’t it? Suddenly, I was making Christmas gifts, then I was in Virginia, and then I was back for a few days and BAM. 2015.

Here we are.

Obviously, I have more important things to talk about – which will be forthcoming – but today, I wanted to share with you an awesome habit I’ve picked up.


Smoothies were always this strange, unattainable thing that I knew people were into but always figured just wasn’t for me. Kind of like…mornings. And pilates. The only smoothie I have ever loved was the Blimey Limey, sold at Tropical Smoothie (of which there are none in Western PA). But then, I had a moment, walking through the mall on the Sunday after Christmas (note: not the best idea — such busy, very packed). I went to Smoothie King and ordered…a smoothie with the same things in it that my beloved Blimey Limey had.

I know what you’re thinking: “You really could have done this sooner.”

And you would be right.

But I didn’t. So there.

As I sipped my smoothie, I thought to myself how great I felt and how good it tasted. I considered all the great things I could put in smoothies at home and how good those would taste. I might have also teared up a little because I was convinced “No Tropical Smoothie = no Blimey Limey ever.”

So during this past week, I have been starting out the day with my own concoction, which I am sharing with you below. And let me tell you…my productivity went up so high after taking in all these vitamins. I found myself snacking less, being more awake and just feeling overall pretty awesome. I write so much more after getting all this in my system. I’m drinking one now! Woo!



The Morning Word Count Smoothie

  • 10 whole strawberries
  • 10 chunks pineapple
  • 2 handfuls baby spinach
  • 1/8 cup lime juice
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup water

A few notes on these “measurements”: I hate making dirty dishes. My biggest aim with this has been to make as few extra dishes for my husband to wash as possible. I use frozen fruit and bagged veggies (my brand is Dole but follow your heart) and one measuring cup. You can use fresh fruit if you want, but you’ll have to add ice (which I also hate dealing with).

Put it all in the blender and mix until completely…blended. Insert smoothie into your favorite cup. Sippy sippy. Boom. Get some writing done.

30 by 30: Part 5

30 Things I’m Glad I Know Before I Turn 30: Part 5


21. Public speaking.

Not only do I actually excel at this, I look forward to it! I love going over things with people, presenting materials, reading, whatever. It gives me a rush!

22. Persevering self awareness and self perception.

I know who I am and how I fit into the world. I am a snowflake, a butterfly, a grain of sand. I am a speck in the universe. I am stardust. It’s okay.

23. To always say yes.

Like in improv, life is a lot more interesting when you go, “Oh, wow, that doesn’t sound like anything I’ve done before so I’m going with…yes! Of course I’ll try it!” But then I also know…

24. When to say no.

Just because someone else thinks they know what I should be doing with my time doesn’t mean I’m going to agree. You think I should get rid of x, y or z in my home? You think I shouldn’t be wearing what when? Haha. No.

25. How to cook.

I buy no prefab meals from the grocery store anymore. And you know what? That feels good.

Writing Tips: 5 Ways to Fit 30 Minutes of Writing into a Day

One of the best ways to get into the habit of writing is to commit to a little bit every day. Ask yourself: what is 30 minutes? On its own, sure, you wouldn’t want to be tortured for 30 minutes, or sit alone at a date for 30 minutes, or even be in subway for 30 minutes. However, in the grand scheme of things? A half hour is doable.

Here are 5 ways to find it:

1. Get up a little earlier in the morning — even if you aren’t writing, 15-20 minutes out of the sack can mean freeing up 30 minutes somewhere else. You can get other pieces of your to-do list out of the way and, once you’re used to it, you’ll feel like writing.

2. Breaks/lunches at work — what are you doing right now during those, huh? Standing at the vending machine? Smoking? Pull out your phone or a pen/paper and write down some ideas. Write a poem. Make a list of topics to query about. You can get a lot done during those little periods of time.

3. Your morning and evening commute — obviously I’m not saying you should juggle a laptop on your steering wheel, but we live in a world of amazing technology. Apps like Evernote allow you to make audio memos to yourself when you’re on the go. Switch off driving with a friend or partner and get in some time freewriting.

4. Commercial breaks — they aren’t just for jumping jacks anymore. Keep your work in front of the television and when you get to a commercial break, hit mute and go to town until your show comes back on.

5. Baking breaks — I am a big believer in mis-en-place, which is the fancy way of saying, get everything together and prepared before you start cooking so you are literally just following the directions when you get to making the dish. Once you have that casserole in the oven or noodles boiling, jot down some plot points for your book.

Sure, none of this is perfect, but you would be amazed how inspired you’ll feel when you start even doing a couple more minutes a day. You’ll practically be stealing the moments you can spare!

What do you do to find time for your passions?