#30Lists – Day 6-8

Played catch-up a bit here. The themes here were Books I Would Like to Read (or, as I title it, Why I Am Bad at Reading), Inside Jokes, and Trends Making a Comeback (that I approve of).

To explain Day 6 because I am horribly insecure — I have not read all of the HP books. At that time in my life, they got kind of bowled over by life, school, college, etc. And LotR — the reason I haven’t actually read it is because that was, in my childhood, like Grimm’s Fairy Tales. My dad would tell me the stories of those three books, so I was never drawn to read them from start to finish, if that makes sense. The other books are The Pigeon Needs a Bath, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and On Writing (also started but never finished).


#30Lists – Day 1: Why I Make Lists

During the month of March, I will be participating in 30 Days of Lists, a creative journaling project that’s centered around making lists. And y’all know how much I love lists. It’s headed by the brilliant Kam and Amy, people who are super awesome ladies you should get to know.

Each day I’ll share my list here with you guys as I complete them! (Edit 3/12/15: falling behind tends to be happening with my new job, but I’ll at least be updating several times per week!)

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Finders Friday: My Every Day Blogs

Today, I wanted to share with you the awesome blogs that I check out on a daily basis. The people who run them are amazing, they have great stuff that makes me feel good, and they are fantastic resources for creative types. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I’ve also stolen a line from their About pages so you know what you’re in for. Did I just make that sounds ominous? Because I meant to.

Litreactor:An interactive online community where writers improve their craft and readers celebrate their love for literature.”

Unfuck Your Habitat: “What is Unfuck Your Habitat? And why should you do it? Because you’re better than your mess. Yes, it involves some yelling and swearing. But, it’s about motivation, and support, and accountability.”

Yes and Yes: “Because yes is more fun than no.” (Katie note — A lifestyle blog that takes it a step more awesome.)

Lemon and Raspberry: “Where [Amy Schubert] helps you learn how to tell your story, build your online platform and find your GREAT WORK.”

Campfire Chic: “Take risks and try new things, like camping, rock climbing, and yoga, while maintaining current interests and responsibilities.”

The Happiness Project: “Daily adventures in the pursuit of happiness and habits.”

Austin Kleon: “A writer who draws.” (Katie note — he wrote “Steal Like an Artist” and “Show Your Work” and he also believes in dealing with a day job)

The Small Change Project: “There is no secret to solving any problem. There are only small changes, practice and a commitment to doing better. THIS is your WHOLE life.”

Terrible Minds: “[Chuck Wendig] is likely drunk and untrustworthy. This blog is NSFW and probably NSFL.”

Mighty Girl: “Famous among dozens.” (Katie note — don’t listen. It’s actually way more.)