New Things!

5 New Things I’ve Done Since Turning 30


[Has it already been a week? I promise, this will be last time I milk this but come on. It’s not like someone turns 30 every day…]

1. Took a Project Life class. I’ve really gotten into it. It’s a perfect scrapbooking technique for people like me who have a hard time focusing.

2. I tested and confirmed that I am allergic to cats. This is very sad. But my husband and I are now looking at getting rats, so…yay!

3. Went to an open house at a place down the street. Never done that before.

4. Actually went to a phone store. It wasn’t for me but for my husband. But I’ve never actually gone through that experience of buying a phone in person. It was a lot of fun.

5. Created a sculpture with Kinetic Sand! It was really relaxing!

I have to go on a trip this week to receive a MAJOR AWARD(c) at my day job, but I’m slowly getting back to working on this, that and the other thing. But enough about me. How are you doing?

Monday 9/8/14: What Am I Doing?

mondaydoing09082014Watching: The Office – I got into a mood to rewatch parts of one of my favorite sitcoms. A friend of mine recently called The Office a “safe” comedy, and I think that is in some ways very true and somewhat not. Because it’s like…yes, there really isn’t much depth to the show itself, but the characters take on a complexity that makes them very different as the years progress. Anyway, I still like it. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Loving: Fall/Pumpkin-flavored Stuff/All of that – I know it’s the popular thing to be loving right now but I just don’t care. I have pumpkin spice almonds in my cabinet and multiple Starbucks within a 5 mile radius of my house. I have super comfy socks and lots of sweaters. I am so ready.

Reading: Landline by Rainbow Rowell – Actually, I’m re-reading/re-listening to this. There is so much to love about this book: the backward love story, how everything you think will become a cliche doesn’t, and the fact that there is a magical phone. The heroine even makes Dr. Who jokes. Come on.

Hearing: Novö Piano by Maxence Cyrin – If you have a single Pandora music station that is even remotely associated with mellow piano music, you’ve probably at least heard Cyrin’s cover of “Where Is My Mind?” by the Pixies. The whole thing is like that. Melodic, soothing, chill. My other favorite is his cover of “No Cars Go” by Arcade Fire. Sometimes, at night, I’ll turn it on repeat with my headphones on and pass in and out of consciousness.

Doing: Papercrafts! – My mom turned me onto papercrafting and making cards and little things out of cardstock and design sheets. And now I’m like…I want to make all the cards! All the fancy things! Out of paper! And I realize I really need a studio/craftroom/something.

It’s Monday. What are you doing?

Monday 8/11/14: What Am I Doing?

mondaydoing08112014 copyWatching: Orange is the New Black — I’ve seen it all the way through Season 2 but now I’m watching it with the husband. What a great series. Fantastic characters, good story, it’s all awesome. Except Larry. But then, well, I think everyone feels that way. Even Jason Biggs.

Loving: Funko Pop Figures — “Your obsession with these things is getting out of hand,” I’ve been told. “Don’t you have too money of those?” I’ve also heard. No. No, no, no. I need more. Please and thank you. Next on my list is Groot. Also, if someone could hook me up with the bloody Hannibal from SDCC14, that would be great.

Reading: “Seconds” by Bryan Lee O’Malley — Y’all already know how I feel about Scott Pilgrim. Now, there’s a new, full length, COLOR (?!) comic out. So far, so good. And it’s another huge comic, on par with “Blankets.” I’m hearting it a lot.

Hearing: “Mandatory Fun” by Weird Al — I bought this album about a week ago and I cannot stop listening to it. It also has the first of his polka remixes that hasn’t made me want to be ill. I love it. Also, thank you, Weird Al, for creating a parody of that horrible song (which shall remain nameless) so now when I’m afraid it’s getting stuck in my head I just start singing YOUR words instead. And laugh.

Doing: Crochet — I am teaching myself crochet so I can do amigurumi and make adorable little somethings as gifts when I don’t feel like felting. I seem to have the chain stitch down, and that took longer than I thought. Next: single crochet! So much more excited than I should be!

It’s Monday. What are you doing?