Monday 9/15/14: What Am I Doing?

Watching: Cutthroat Kitchen — Alton Brown is a household name in our home. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a game show for as long as we’ve been watching this one. If you aren’t familiar, it’s four chefs who have to make a dish with only 60 seconds to shop for their items. However, before they get started, they enter into an auction for items to sabotage their competition. Things like a dented pan or a teeny tiny skillet as their only cooking vessel. It’s diabolical and fantastic.

Loving: Halloween! — We have officially entered into the time when I can talk unabashedly about how excited I am about this holiday. I used to not be big on Halloween, but in recent years I’ve gotten much more into it. It sucks that we live on a giant house on a hill where we have gotten exactly zero trick-or-treaters in the six years we’ve been here, but whatever. More candy for me!

Reading: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris — This is a book I’m listening to again on my phone. I am trying to listen to at least one essay a day while walking around my office building. Does this make me look crazy? Maybe. Do I care? Absolutely not.

Hearing: “Rude” by Magic — I have had this song stuck in my head all day. And I haven’t listened to a whole lot of music lately, so…I’m counting it.

Doing: editing — My next big project is the 2nd edition of my novel, Cape and Dagger. I’d like to get this done for its two year anniversary, which would make it to be completed by next month. It’s not the most elegant of writing projects, but I feel like I would be much happier with it shined up and floating out there in the Internet literasphere.

It’s Monday. What are you doing?

Monday: What Am I Doing?

mondaydoing08042014Watching: Beat Bobby Flay — My husband and I have been on a kick for roughly the past year or so watching Food Network, including a lot of their cooking game shows. We tried this one out after hearing Alton Brown go on about it. It makes me so mad, and I’m not sure why. I think it’s just because the editing goes like this:
Judges: Oh, Chef Not-Bobby-Flay, your dish is wonderful and perfect and cool and original. And Bobby Flay, your dish is kind of…meh. THE WINNER IS BOBBY FLAY!

Loving: Lush — oh, Lush. You wined me and dined me, and even though there was neither alcohol nor food, I would really love to see you again. You make my skin feel like marshmallows, and you have great charitable causes that I can get behind.

Reading: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides — I’ve seen the movie and listened to the soundtrack, but I’m really digging the book. I’m juggling this with a couple of other things I’m reading, but this has the largest portion of my tiny goldfish attention span.

Hearing: I Love You by The Neighborhood — Very different from my usual musical tastes, but I find it very mellow and chill. So yeah.

Doing: Compiling photos from my staycation — Last week I stayed here in Pittsburgh with my husband and did a lot of crazy stuff. Including and not limited to:

  • Checking out the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning.
  • Eating out at a bunch of places we’d never been before.
  • Riding the Duquesne Incline (finally!).
  • Watching both Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Guardians of the Galaxy (I recommend both so, so, so much).
  • Visiting Monroeville Mall and Evans City, the sites of the filming of Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead.
  • Going to Randyland (which is where this picture was taken).

I took a lot of pictures. And they are all currently a mess, and I’m trying to work on getting a Google Story or something for all of them so you can share in the delight of my staycation.

It’s Monday. What are you doing?

5 Things to Be Excited About This Year

1. Felting. I started doing this over my Christmas vacation. Of course I drew blood the first time, and like some sort of vampire hobby, I was addicted. I made a penguin and an orca the first few days. Next: pigs and alpacas.

2. Alton Brown in February!

3. My Google Glass is being upgraded. I cannot wait to get my new model in the mail.

4. More writing. See, by updating, I’m off to a good start. Also, other generally creative things (see #1), including photography, scrapbooking, digital art…the year is only beginning.

5. Video games. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten really engrossed in gaming, but I got a 3DS over the holidays and have been enjoying the Regular Show and Zelda games. Also, on the computer, I am playing the newest Tomb Raider, which is really really really fantastic.

And those are just the top 5 things on my mind! 2014 is going to be amazeballs. What are you looking forward to?