Life List


Just like when I was in grade school, I am terrified at the prospect of getting B’s. The worst thing in the world to me would be to get a B. B for Boring. B for Banal. B for Bland.

I will always shoot for A. Awesome. Adventure. Ass-kicking, artful and amazing. Always!

So it’s like my Life List is my syllabus. My study cards. My class schedule. And when I get through it, you can bet I’ll go for extra credit!


Write a novel – DONE!
Play in an adult-size ballpit
Attend San Diego ComicCon 2010 – DONE!
Be out of debt and financially secure
Conduct a lecture or teach a class
Write a screen and/or stage play
Take part in a musical
Create a real study, complete with writing desk and huge bookshelves
Learn to comfortably speak a foreign language
Host a fancy dinner party
See a live platypus (extra bonus points if I can manage to play with a platypus at the sanctuary in Melbourne)
Become a poet laureate
Get over my fear of needles – DONE!
Have a clean bill of health – DONE! September 2014
Own my own house
Travel across Europe
Own a dog
Take a roadtrip across America – DONE! Summer 2013, Pittsburgh to Seattle
Dye my hair purple
Be a published author – DONE! DOING!
Kayak with orcas in Alaska
Do a run – DONE! The Jingle Bell Run on 12/7/13.
Visit gray whales in Baja California
Play in Coney Island – DONE! May 2014.
Go back to Japan and see Tokyo
Swim with sharks
See the cherry blossoms bloom in DC – DONE! Washington DC Trip April 2014.
Learn to play a musical instrument
Write Thank You notes to people who have affected my life
Create a chapbook of my poetry
Have a book printed of my photography
Take a walk on the beach in Montauk
Read at least 20 books written prior to 1900
Bake bread from scratch — not from any sort of box or kit – DONE! Hawaiian bread! Spring 2014.
Ride the Incline in Pittsburgh
Visit the grave of Charles Bukowski in LA
Meet Stephen Merchant, Neil Gaiman, Peter S Beagle
Be interviewed on TV
Swim at Pig Beach in the Bahamas
Take a photo seminar at Wolf Park in Indiana
Visit all the Top 25 Cities
Stay at the Luke Skywalker home hotel (Hotel Sidi Driss) and tour the sites from the movies in Tunisia

One response to “Life List

  1. Great Life List! We have actually very similar ones. Strange, but I guess that’s one of those crazy random happenstances. You have great taste in comics!

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