Why I Still Make Lists

I love productivity apps. I’m always so excited to look at what I can do on my phone, and how I can get programs to react to me doing things. Cleaned my room? Look at the experience I gain for my character! Walked around the block? Look at my plant grow bigger! It’s very gratifying.

But I still keep paper and pen handy to make lists.


  • I like having a physical list in my hand.
  • I like the sensation of handwriting.
  • There’s a real satisfaction to drawing a line through an item on a physical list.
  • It’s usually quicker making a list that way.

The biggest reason I’ve found to do this, however, is the accountability. When I have a physical list in my hand, I’m more likely to look at it. To touch it. To move it.

If I am really subconsciously avoiding doing something on my phone I can just look at any other of the 50 billion apps that are open on top of it.In fact, I find myself forgetting sometimes that I even made note of things because out of sight, out of mind.

Do you have a traditional means of productivity? A tried and true? Tell me about it!

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