Dear 4AM


Dear 4AM
Your moon is a little too bright, can you take it down a notch?
The wine disappeared hours ago
And a lie-in requires equal parts
Cool air
Nice sheets
And darkness.
You’re supposed to be bringing that last one to the party.

Dear 4AM
You’re tossing and turning.
We’re not supposed to be up for hours
Much less itching
For something more stimulating than sheep.
You can be the big spoon or the little spoon
I’m not picky.
Just let me close my eyes with you.

Dear 4AM
There’s time enough for art
When the sun comes up and breakfast is ready.
Your song is more siren than sweet to my fingers
And it is distracting me from my perfect pillow.
I promise that we will do 101 things
In just a few more hours, so darling,
Please lie back down.

Dear 4AM
I’m not even mad, how could I be?
It’s as fruitless as yelling at the owl for hooting at midnight
Or the raccoon for slinking away from the sun.
I’ll get the coffee, you get the satisfaction.
We’ll see what else is waiting.

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