May Haikus: 1-5

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing challenges. In March, it was 30 Lists. In April, 30 Doodles (you can view those on my Instagram). In May, I’m doing 30 Photos and 30 Haikus. I’ll be sharing my haikus here in groups of 5 each weekish, and you can view the photos on my Instagram account. Let’s get started.

The emerald leaves
Blaze against May’s promised storm,
Sun still feels a-chill.

Bright paper pages,
Ramen in the afternoon —
A weekend’s delight.

Groceries at dawn,
Thousands of feet pounding down.
Still life, meet motion.

The Light Side and Dark
Two sides of a galaxy:
Knights and nights go on.

Steaming rain in hair
And silent tears when no air
Can survive the heat.

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