New Things!

5 New Things I’ve Done Since Turning 30


[Has it already been a week? I promise, this will be last time I milk this but come on. It’s not like someone turns 30 every day…]

1. Took a Project Life class. I’ve really gotten into it. It’s a perfect scrapbooking technique for people like me who have a hard time focusing.

2. I tested and confirmed that I am allergic to cats. This is very sad. But my husband and I are now looking at getting rats, so…yay!

3. Went to an open house at a place down the street. Never done that before.

4. Actually went to a phone store. It wasn’t for me but for my husband. But I’ve never actually gone through that experience of buying a phone in person. It was a lot of fun.

5. Created a sculpture with Kinetic Sand! It was really relaxing!

I have to go on a trip this week to receive a MAJOR AWARD(c) at my day job, but I’m slowly getting back to working on this, that and the other thing. But enough about me. How are you doing?

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