August Favorites!

I know, it’s been radio silence. I went home to see my family as a big surprise, and then I got back, we had a day off, yadda yadda.

So, since we’re heading into September, a land full of crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and the calm before the storm of winter, I thought what better way to say adieu to heat and humidity like my top five favs of August.

august2014favs1. Guardians of the Galaxy: I had a feeling this movie was going to be awesome. Just how awesome, though? For this I was unprepared. Favorite lines that I didn’t see coming:

“They got my dick message!”

“Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.”

“I am not some starry-eyed waif here to succumb to your…pelvic sorcery!”

Also, the day is sort of saved by the power of dance and friendship, so there’s that.

2. Skin Drink by Lush: okay, I can hear you in the back. “Katie, nobody cares about your expensive body products.” Well, naysayers, sit down and let me give you some perspective. Two weeks ago, I did a very stupid thing: I went out to a softball game that went from 10-3 – the peak sunlight hours – without any sunscreen. Didn’t even occur to me. Now, yes, I like feeling like a marshmallow mermaid, but this one product helped me go from this:

   to this  

in 5 flipping days, y’all. So there we go.

3. Meat and Potatoes: Josh and I had super fancy brunch there. And I was feeling a little afraid because it had been hyped up so much, but it was the bomb. I would go back. Well worth the reservation.

4. PEOPLExpress: I love traveling. I also love traveling on the cheap. I really, really love traveling on the cheap, quickly, with friendly people who don’t make me want to die a thousand deaths. And if I can get all that with no layovers? Sign me up. This new, small airline has a nonstop flight that goes from Pittsburgh to southern Virginia, where my family is. It’s, like, an hour. I sat in Pittsburgh Airport longer than I did on that plane. There’s a great sense of community amongst the people you’re traveling with — the staff you see in the airport from start to finish run the whole show, there are no frills, no fancy crap, they just want you to have a fast, comfortable trip to wherever you’re going. Also, free pretzels.

5. Virginia: as I mentioned in my intro, I went home to visit my folks as a surprise over Labor Day weekend. I got to spend time with my puppies, meet my baby niece, spend a lot of time with my Mom and party with my Dad. And I bought lots of crafting stuff. It was awesome.

What were your favorite parts of August? And what are you doing in September?

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