29 Things to Do While I’m 29

I made this list before my 29th birthday (obviously?). I’m surprised how many I have done so far in just the last few months, but I’m getting all revved up to get to work on them before October. Some of these are a bit more…abstract than concrete in terms of goals go, but I think you’ll see where my mind was headed as I prepared for my last twenty-something birthday.

1. Finish paying off my student loans.

2. Write a letter to someone I admire to say ‘thank you.’

3. Figure out who God is to me.

4. Do something sweet for my husband.

5. Kayak in Pittsburgh.

6. Commemorate awesome days in creative ways.

7. Go on 24 hour adventures to neighboring cities.

8. Take pictures and make notes more often.

9. Fall in love with death.

10. Explore good music.

11. Read for pleasure.

12. Thrive in crisis.

13. Stretch and dance regularly.

14. Create and embrace my own style of fashion that speaks to me.

15. Cook for others.

16. Stargaze.

17. See a sun rise over the river.

18. Schedule fun.

19. Treat myself to a spa day.

20. Recreate my bed.

21. Clarify and accept my own concept of what marriage is.

22. Eat thoughtfully.

23. Write something beautiful.

24. See a whale.

25. Stand up for something.

26. Stick myself in a very uncomfortable situation.

27. Take on a great pain for someone else.

28. Play in the snow.

29. Ride a train somewhere.

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