That’s the theme for 2014. Brave.

Now, if I told that to people who keep up with me, it might not seem like such a big deal. I do ridiculously random things on a day to day basis. I’ve never been one to turn down an invitation to anything, and many times I’ve even ended up in strange, uncomfortable situations for the sake of the story.

The fear I am tackling is not one of the outside world.

Fear for me has been more subtle than the shakes. Quieter than teeth-chattering. More subdued than butterflies in the stomach. That’s not to say I haven’t experienced these things — I still don’t do great with the dentist or needles or flying. But those are fears I can walk through like a coming wave.

No, instead, fear is quiet when the moment calls for a word. Fear is sitting when standing would be best. Fear is an extra half hour of television, or surfing the web, or doing this instead of that. Fear is still. Fear is not moving at all.

I’m tired of the quiet.

This year is about saying, “What am I afraid of? What is stopping me? What do I need to do to stop being afraid and just do – do and share and make and talk to the world – and break this terrible paralysis?” Above all the resolutions to break habits and shape new ones, I will be working on breaking the cycle of inaction, of gravity. To achieve staying motion, I must get in motion, and to do that I have to be brave.

Because objects in motion tend to stay in motion. That’s the idea.

2014. Brave. What’s the theme of your new year?

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