5 Things to Be Excited About This Year

1. Felting. I started doing this over my Christmas vacation. Of course I drew blood the first time, and like some sort of vampire hobby, I was addicted. I made a penguin and an orca the first few days. Next: pigs and alpacas.

2. Alton Brown in February!

3. My Google Glass is being upgraded. I cannot wait to get my new model in the mail.

4. More writing. See, by updating, I’m off to a good start. Also, other generally creative things (see #1), including photography, scrapbooking, digital art…the year is only beginning.

5. Video games. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten really engrossed in gaming, but I got a 3DS over the holidays and have been enjoying the Regular Show and Zelda games. Also, on the computer, I am playing the newest Tomb Raider, which is really really really fantastic.

And those are just the top 5 things on my mind! 2014 is going to be amazeballs. What are you looking forward to?

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