9/11: Gratitude

12 years, 12 things I am grateful for:

1. My husband. He is a necessary ingredient in the recipe that is my experiences. He adds flavor, spice, sweetness and a heat now and then. Without him, the dish of my life would be bland.

2. My family. I live in a time where it is easy to reach out to them. No matter where I am – time zone, country, road – they never feel far away.

3. My friends. They are as scattered as the stars, and I know that if I stop to look up, I’ll find them.

4. My home. It isn’t perfect, but it is mine, my space, my haven. I know it is always waiting for me to come back.

5. My mice. Small, furry joys. They make me smile every day whenever I walk near them.

6. My intelligence. I am comforted to know that I am brilliant, even if not humble.

7. Delicious food. Every day is a new time to taste and to experience the world in another recipe.

8. My creative soul. I am constantly in awe of the fact that I can bring something into existence that was not there before I dreamed it to be.

9. Two feet. Any day, any time, I can stand up, walk out of my house and go on an adventure.

10. My Renaissance spirit. It’s a constant joy and comfort that I have the ability – and openness – to change. I never feel trapped.

11. Good books. Comics, fiction, memoir, audio, short, long. There is always another world outside my own that I can curl into for a while.

12. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Because there are many people who don’t have any of those things, and I am gifted with the opportunity to exist.

What are you grateful for?

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