Great News, Everyone! or, Five Awesome Things You Should Know Are Happening

1. I just returned from crossing off one of the biggest items on my Life List: a cross-country trip from Pittsburgh to Seattle. We stopped in Chicago and saw the Bean, rode rollercoasters at the Mall of America, witnessed the largest carousel in the world at the House on the Rock, came face-to-face with wild buffalo in Yellowstone…just to name a few. Photos coming. It was a life-changing experience, and I think everyone should do it. Right now.

2. My previously unpublished short story, “Reborn,” will be featured in the next issue of Fireside Magazine. Of nearly 600 pieces, mine was one of 25 selected for publication. Links to the magazine when it is available will be forthcoming in late June/early July.

3. I have just signed up for 2013 Clarion West Write-a-thon. You will have the chance to donate money to Clarion as I meet my writing goals. I specifically plan on taking this opportunity to publish stories about the Black Carnival, a setting some of you may already be familiar with. You should sign up for it too!

4. I am currently writing pieces for the next Gadchick magazine on how to write and self-publish a novel. So if you have questions…now is the time to ask and maybe I can address what you want to see? Maybe?

5. My Dad is coming up to visit me in Pittsburgh. It’s kind of different from all the stuff listed above, but awesome all the same.

What are you all up to?

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