40 Days: Sacrifice

After a weekend of getting everything done on my to-do list EXCEPT writing…I decided to take drastic measures.

From Facebook:

I am eschewing the Internet and television for one week. From 11:59 tonight, March 10, through 11:59 March 17, I will not be online. I’m not dead or ignoring you. It’s just an experimental kick in my own ass to make me do something free of distraction and away from my two biggest time sinks. If you need me, text or call.

“Do you have to tell everyone? Isn’t that self-aggrandizing?” my husband asked from bed. He was trying to go to sleep as I was trying to figure out how I would be able to maintain exposure to cute animals without the selection of websites I normally frequent.

“No. Omg, no,” I said, as I traveled through a few other important sites, checking things like I was going out of town for a week. Bank statements, ordering sites, Tumblr… “You don’t understand. As soon as you disappear for more than 48 hours, people find you and are all, ‘Are you okay? You haven’t been online’ or angrily question how you don’t know about a major event that was brought up on someone’s status.”

He rolled over. “I just think that if you have to release a statement like that, it just shows how embedded in this culture you’ve become.”

I considered this before a comment:

If I like or comment on something of yours, assume I’ve FAILED.

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