One Shot

Guys. Guys. Check this out. Okay, ready? Here we go.

Do you play tabletop RPGs? Of course you do. (If you don’t, it’s okay, but you should!)

Do you like murder and revenge? “Who doesn’t?” I know, right?!

I’m getting involved with an awesome new RPG called “One Shot,” which puts you in the shoes of a man or woman who is out to settle the score (The Shooter). Meanwhile, the world is out to make it as hard to do that as possible (The Forces).

Intrigued? Yeah, I thought you would be. So check out the Kickstarter by clicking the image below. Throw a couple of bucks at it. There are lots of fun perks, the biggest being that you will get a new, awesome game to play.

What are you waiting for? Cock the gun and pull the trigger…if you can.

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