Oh, The Things I Will Do…

Trust me, she’s relevant. Keep reading.

…when I am done with this novel.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I am currently in the process of finishing my novel, “Cape and Dagger.” This fetus, this parasite, this growth has been a part of me for several years now, and it will finally be released into the world for one and all.

That day can’t come too soon.

Because I don’t just write. Ah, but wouldn’t that be nice? Leisurely having a bit of tea, going outside for a nice walk, working on the book before cooking a pleasant, sensual meal with my dear husband. No. Dreamfail. I work a 40 hour workweek before any of my writing, so writing is literally the only other thing I’m doing.

For a few weeks, my schedule has been thus: get up, go to work, come home, shower, write, eat, write, sleep.

It’s draining. I can feel my fingers moving in typing motions while I’m sleeping. I’m always pondering where I’m going to pick up, where I left off, how I like my characters, how I despise them.

So, to try to distract myself, here are five super awesome things I plan on doing once I am done with my book:

1. Create an awesome Marceline costume for a Halloween party I’m attending. I want to build an axe bass, too, which will be pretty hardcore.

2. Start a photography series. I have a new awesome camera, but I feel like I don’t know how to really use it. That’s changing.

3. Do some Fall cooking. Particularly pumpkin queso and buckeyes (that look like eyeballs). I want to take a cooking class, but that will probably wait until spring.

4. Take shelf-by-shelf to a whole new level and get this house cleaned out and decorated for the holidays.

5. Write something else. Yeah, I know, I know. It sounds like one of those lists about ‘what would you do if you had time away from the kids?’ and people go, ‘I’D WANT TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY KIDS.’

What are you guys doing?

2 thoughts on “Oh, The Things I Will Do…

  1. I am going to Havana and be a fisherman. Just like Hemingway. I thought your question was to me exclusively. Lol

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