Writing Tip #18

(Remember how I said I’m cross-posting these from my Tumblr? Remember how I never said I was good at it? And remember how I explained that by not being good at it, 19 could potentially come before 18? No?)

Have a good time with what you’re doing.

So I recently got into audiobooks. “Tough Shit” by Kevin Smith is the first audiobook I’ve listened to since the abridged Jurassic Park cassette set that I listened to when I was younger, circa 1995-ish.

I listened to “Tough Shit” within two days. It was amazing. Where had I been, left behind from this new awesome technology that allows me to basically feel like I’m hanging out and shooting the shit with the creator of some of my favorite movies?

Anyway, this is not a tip about falling behind on the interweb zeitgeist and refreshing oneself on new audio stuffs more often than once a decade.

If there is one thing I took away from “Tough Shit,” it’s that the key to all creative endeavors is self-expression. Hippy sentiment, yes, but if you don’t love what you’re doing and if it’s not at the core of it all about you, then it’s just work. And work isn’t fun. You’ll never love work. You’ll love being happy, though.

Make it work for you. If that involves taking on side projects that are just a fun time, go for it, man. It’s easy to get caught up in all the do’s and don’t’s, the laws of craft, the guidance of those who have come before us, experts and naysayers. Find the unbridled joy in just letting it all out and sharing it with the world.

Coming to this realization again has really changed my perspective recently. I have spent so much time wandering through a desert of articles and critiques, reading about what you should and shouldn’t put into your writing, how to maintain your blog, how to just put words on paper…it just all got a bit much. But emptying the sand out of shoes and saying, “You know what? I’m going to do this my way”…well, it’s like breathing again.

How are things going for you guys?

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