Writing Tip #10

Turn that frown upside down. Always be grateful for what you have.

Recently, I applied for a freelance columnist position on a website I think is quite super keen. Quite super keen indeed with sprinkles. It was the first time I applied for a “real” writing position that required actual clips of my work and a cover letter and a resume. And there were quite a few moments as I was getting ready to throw my hat into the ring for this “real” job that I got “really” anxious.

“A monkey probably has more writing credentials that I do,” I found myself saying as I plowed through clips from six years ago. “God, did I really write this garbage? What was I thinking? What AM I THINKING?

I continued shrieking even as I sent the email equivalent of what felt like the emailed equivalent of newspaper clippings pasted on construction paper with post-its and a handful of glitter.

It’s easy to start drowning in the horrible things you can say about yourself as a writer. Hell, the horrible things you can say about yourself as a person. Get a pen. Write some of those things down. Then get a magnifying glass and some tweezers and squeeze out the silver lining.

Here are a few of mine:

“I don’t have enough clips of my writing.” -> “I have a few clips. Some people aren’t published at all!”

“I am a horrible procrastinator. I’m not working nearly as much as I should be.” -> “At least I’m making some progress. Some is better than nothing.”

“My writing sucks.” -> “But I had a great time making it!”

“I don’t update my Tumblr enough.” -> “OH YEAH? 10 tips!” (editor’s note: more now!)

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