5 Things That Happened

Hi, guys! Hope you’ve been enjoying the Writing Tips. Here are a few things that have been going on since last we encountered our hero.

1. My car got broken into. Silver lining – they didn’t bust my window, break any of the gadgets or hooky-do’s that make my car go, and they didn’t take anything that couldn’t be replaced. Such as the car.

2. I got a tooth removed. Silver lining – overall, it was a very easy procedure. Especially for someone with chronic dentist phobia like me (adult life lesson – tell people these things, because the right people will give you the right tools to assist you in overcoming these problems, thus preventing you from going so long without proper care that you even have to get stuff like this done. True story.)

3. I got a new article published. Huzzah!

4. Look up there. I bought a snazzy domain name. Free Writing Tip! If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, you should purchase one for your own website. It’s just about the first thing every guide I’ve read on freelancing/novel/big-boy-pants-wearing-people has said to do, and it really does make one feel more legitimate. Also, ignore the idea that it’s going to be a big hassle, expensive, etc. I did all of it on WordPress for a total of $26 ($8 of which was for the fancy ‘you can’t get my address’ perk). Come on, you spend $26 on one trip to Barnes and Noble and you know it!

5. My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with Ted (the movie, not some creepy guy who hangs around with us) and burritos. It was awesome. Although technically we did that over the weekend, not on our actual anniversary, which was the 12th. Because unfortunately I was celebrating that day with a man in latex gloves toting Xanax and Novocain. Because I know how to party.

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