Writing Tip #3

Keep your day job.

It is the hardest thing for me to say, believe me. Seeing those words – reading them back to myself – it breaks my heart constantly. And there are bad days at least twice a week that I want to throw that cautionary vibe to the wind, say “I’ll show them!” and walk out.

Keep your day job.

Find a job you can tolerate. One with benefits. One that doesn’t force you to work weekend. I prefer ones where I don’t have to talk a lot unless it’s to my coworkers.

If you’re young, go see a career counselor. Every high school or college has one. Make friends with your professors. If you can get something in your field, go for it. You won’t get this chance after you walk out of school.

Remember: The fact that you are working for forty hours may make you a bit mad (a little madness improves your voice) but not as mad as if you are wondering, every day, all day, where the next rent check is coming from, how you are going to feed yourself, what’s going to happen to your guppy when you can’t buy it fish food. You will grow to resent your writing. Your craft will become your crutch. You will rue it.

Keep your day job.

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