5 Things I’ve Done in the Last Few Days

1. I spent an evening looking at pictures, documentaries and videos of national tragedies. The next day, I confessed this to my husband, and I explained that every now and then I feel the need to do something like that in order to feel closer to other people’s pain. He was surprisingly nonplussed.

2. I started keeping a journal every night. Believe it or not, not all writers did this all their lives. I had a Livejournal – which shall remain in the bowels of Internet pseudo-anonymity, thank you – throughout college, and a Deadjournal – which I even went so far as to delete – before that. I’ve always started notebooks, but my pen has never seen the last page.

3. I saw Moonrise Kingdom and tore apart a lobster, realizing that I’m most satisfied with food I can eat with my hands. Oh, the movie was very good, too. You should see it.

4. I replaced my Canon Powershot with a Rebel. I’ve yet to take it out of the box, because I don’t know what to do with it, and I can’t stand the idea of it collecting dust on my desk. As if it may get tired of me before I even get a chance to take it out into the world.

5. I came across a very fat rabbit on my way home from the gym. I love finding rabbits. Oh, and I started this new blog! Hello!

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